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Dr. Kobi Abayomi is a professional statistician with widely cited publications in top journals for methodological and applied research work. He specializes in developing models from first principles and tailored particularly for each research question.

His methodological work is on statistical dependency:

  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Constrained sum measures
  • Non-Gaussian data
  • Multivariate dimension reduction

He has completed and published innovative work for clients such as the World Bank, United Nations, the Government of Ecuador, and the Innocence Project. He has over 15 years of experience discovering, consulting, publishing, and teaching Probability and Statistics with a focus on measures of dependency, environmental sustainability, social networks, social inequality and justice.

He is a graduate of Georgia Tech and Columbia Universities and has completed postdocs at Duke and Stanford Universities. He enjoys his wonderful smart daughter Xènia, his dog Trooper, kayaking, swimming, record and book collecting.


  1. The Design, Data Flow Architecture, and Method- ologies for a Newly Researched Comprehensive Hybrid Model for the Detection of DDoS Attacks on Cloud Computing Environment

  2. Using Conditional Lorenz Curves to Examine Consolidation in New Zealand Commercial Fishing

  3. Probabilistic 'Best Set' Sorting Algorithms for Multivariate (Prognostic) Data

  4. On Inequality

  5. Copula Based Multistate Hazard Model: An Inferential Methodology for Innocence Project

  6. Statistical Evaluation of the Effect of Ethanol in US Corn Production: A Flexible Test for Independence on a Constrained Sum

  7. Statistics for Re-identification in Network Models

  8. Quantifying Sustainability: Methodology for and Determinants of an Environmental Sustainability Index

  9. Monitoring the United Nations Millennium Development Goals: A Straighforward (Bayesian) Methodology for a Cross-National Index

  10. Statistics for Re-identification in Social Networks

  11. Bayesian Multivariate Markov Processes for a Network Flow Optimization Problem

  12. Probabilistic Heuristic Search Using (Multivariate) Order Statistics. Illustrated On A Network Flow Problem In Two Dimensions

  13. A Friendly Amendment of the Theil Index and Consequent Test for Across and Within Theil Inequality

  14. Monitoring Human Development Goals: A Straightforward (Bayesian) Methodology for Cross-National Indices

  15. Statistical Evaluation of Biofuel Role in Land Use Change

  16. Relationships among blood pressure, triglycerides and verbal learning in African Americans

  17. Diagnostics for multivariate imputations

  18. Copula based independent component analysis

  19. El Niño and drought in southern Africa

  20. Statistical Evaluation of Effect of Bioenergy on Crops and Land Use

  21. Quantifying Sustainability: Methodology for and Determinants of an Environmental Sustainability Index


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  20. Expedient Methods in Environmental Indexing
    2002 ESI, 2004 UNDP Hotspots Report
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  • Predicting the UNDP Millennium Development Goals, (October 2014)

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